Science of Reading Fundamentals microcredential launches Sept. 11 at SUNY New Paltz


SUNY New Paltz’s new Science of Reading Fundamentals microcredential will launch Sept. 11 to provide P-12 teachers with research-backed tools and techniques to improve children’s literacy.

There is still time to register for Science of Reading Fundamentals cohorts this fall, and registration will open soon for additional sessions in 2024. Scholarships are available to the first 5,000 New York State-certified teachers who apply.

Focused on reading mastery across P-12, this fully online, self-paced microcredential features five modules centered on the foundational pillars of the Science of Reading: Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension. Enrollees will learn, assess and practice across topics with successful completers ready to apply knowledge and skills acquired.

This microcredential brings the Science of Reading to teachers across grade levels and subject areas, to instructional specialists and coaches, school and district leaders and administrators, education professors and parents. Intentional design supports those new to the topic and those with experience.

“The program relies on evidence-based practices for improving reading knowledge and skills in P-12 learners,” said Aaron Isabelle, interim dean of the School of Education at SUNY New Paltz. “Participants will benefit by improving their understanding of the fundamental building blocks of reading instruction combined with findings from the neuroscience of reading.”

Teachers who register and complete the microcredential can receive 35 Continuing Teacher & Leader Education (CTLE) hours toward their New York State certification requirements.

Content can be completed at the user’s preferred pace, with flexibility built in to meet the needs of diverse enrollees. The curriculum has been developed by faculty experts in New Paltz’s nationally accredited School of Education, long a leader in teacher preparation and literacy instruction in New York State.

“The microcredential at New Paltz will empower teachers with the knowledge and information needed to more effectively administer the educational programs within their school districts,” said Sarah Holbrook ’05 (Elementary Education) ’06g (Special Education) ’17g (Literacy), instructional leader in the Middletown City School District and co-creator of the microcredential. “Teachers are our greatest resource and by investing in them we are investing directly in the students they are hoping to serve.”

The Science of Reading Fundamentals is one of a growing number of microcredentials being offered throughout the State University of New York system. These are short, focused academic offerings, taught by SUNY faculty, that deliver an in-demand set of skills and knowledge to support New York’s workforce development. More information about SUNY microcredentials is available here.